Tiger prawns

Tiger prawns are warm-water prawns and include Chinese prawns, Black tiger prawns and Vannamei prawns. Most of the tiger prawns on the market are bred in large farms in Asia and Central America. They are large with a fleshy tail and grey in colour, turning reddish when cooked. Chrisfish supplies Vannamei prawns from farms in Southeast Asia.

You can rest assured that we perform daily inspections of our production plant and have our own microbiological quality control laboratory. Here, our laboratory technicians daily perform detailed bacteriological analysis on both raw materials and end products. We comply with HACCP, an internationally recognised management system for food safety.

Vannamei prawns – king-sized and delicious

Not only do our king size Vannamei prawns taste delicious, they are also ASC certified. In order to become certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), all prawn farms in Southeast Asia must document a limited use of antibiotics, ensure that production shows consideration for the local community and use fish feed that does not come from overfished species.

Our suppliers comply with these requirements and many more, so you can rest assured that our Vannamei prawns are of high quality and do not harm the environment. We never take the quality of the seafood we supply lightly: for us, food safety and environmental considerations are essential to our core values.

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Tiger prawns