Since being founded in 1962, Chrisfish has been engaged in the sale of seafood to wholesale fish suppliers, food service customers, supermarkets, and other retailers across all of Europe.

We buy, process and supply both frozen and freshly caught quality fish, as well as prawns and other seafood products in brine.


For Chrisfish, quality assurance and the customer are key. We are committed to ensuring that all our products, from fresh fish to prawns in brine, are synonymous with great taste and high quality.

Our focus on the customer means that we always show due respect, understanding and flexibility. We also prioritise good human resources: our employees are one of our most important assets, which is why we are committed to ensuring good working conditions for everyone. We believe that a good working environment and contented employees contribute towards an even better service and satisfaction for our customers.



Chrisfish Danmark was founded in 1962 by the local fisherman Christian E. Bertelsen. Bertelsen landed his catches in the English port city of Grimsby, where he noticed great demand for Danish fish. This compelled him to start his own fish export business in Frederikshavn, selling ‘Chris’ Danish fish to England’ – hence the name Chrisfish Danmark.

Development of Chrisfish A/S

Since being founded in 1962, Chrisfish Danmark has continued to develop, and now operates two processing plants in Frederikshavn and its subsidiary, Chrisfish Hanstholm, respectively.

We currently number around 50 employees, and we are represented at all Danish fish auctions through either internal or external buyers. We sell to customers on almost all markets in Scandinavia and southern and western Europe.

Timeline from 1962 until today:

  • 1962 – Chrisfish Danmark is founded by Christian E. Bertelsen
  • 1963 – The second generation takes over: Christian E. Bertelsen’s son, Ole Bertelsen, takes over the management of Chrisfish Danmark
  • 1967 – Establishment of a new sales office in Hanstholm
  • 1995 – The branch in Hanstholm becomes a subsidiary and is renamed Chrisfish Hanstholm ApS (50% owned jointly by four partners and 50% owned by Chrisfish Danmark A/S)
  • 1997 – The third generation takes over: Ole Bertelsen’s eldest son, Niels-Erik Bertelsen, takes over the management of Chrisfish Danmark
  • 2007 – Relocation of Chrisfish Danmark’s prawn processing production from Fiskerihavnsgade in Frederikshavn to a newly built factory on Nordhavnsvej in Frederikshavn
  • 2019 – Installation of new production facilities for Norway lobster production in Fiskerihavnsgade.
  • 2020 – Expansion and renovation of our warehouse and production buildings in Hanstholm


At Chrisfish Danmark, we believe in having satisfied customers who trust us to always do our utmost when serving them and their business. We guarantee our customers fulfilment of delivery agreements, the highest product quality at fair prices, a high level of flexibility and excellent service.

Chrisfish Danmark aims to be a well-respected partner in the fishing industry. This means that all Chrisfish products are of uniformly high quality, and our service level and ability to deliver is always top priority.

Chrisfish Danmark believes in managing responsibly while also being visionary and growth oriented. We focus heavily on sustainable investments in production, logistics and the procurement of quality ingredients, so that we can remain competitive and continue our production in Denmark, thereby maintaining jobs in the local area.

In general, Chrisfish Danmark shall be a competent and credible company for its customers, suppliers, employees, authorities, and the public.


  • Credibility 
  • Human
  • The environment 
  • Professional competence and common sense 
  • Partnerships and respect 
  • Responsibility and sound business sense 
  • Drive and openness to change