Hake fishing takes place in the North Sea and the northern Skagerrak. Although they are rarely spotted in domestic Danish waters, hake can be found in the sea between Norway and Iceland, as well as southwards towards Spain and Portugal and throughout the entire Mediterranean. Hake lives in waters from 50-500 metres in depth. It stays on the seabed during the day and hunts small shoals of fish at night, also sometimes eating cod, squid, herring, and even younger members of its own species.

At Chrisfish we sell fresh hake of the highest quality. To retain the quality and freshness of the fish, we supply hake in thermo boxes that keep the temperature of the fish under 5-2 degrees but above freezing point. It is important to us that the fish our customers receive meets their expectations on freshness. We have many years of experience in food safety and product quality, and these are core values for our business.

The hake at its best – fresh

Hake is a very flavoursome fish that we believe should always be supplied fresh. It is a common dish in Southern Europe, where it is called merluza in Spanish, pescada in Portuguese and nasello in Italian. It is a lean fish with juicy meat and a mild taste. The flakes in the meat are easy to see after cooking and fall easily from the bones. It can be cooked in a variety of ways, for example boiled, steamed, fried, smoked, or baked.

Most hake landed in Denmark is sold and eaten in Southern Europe, but at Chrisfish we would love to convince more Danes to try this tasty fish that our Mediterranean neighbours have embraced.

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