Crayfish tails

We buy our crayfish tails from carefully selected Chinese producers, who we visit regularly to audit their quality.

The crayfish live in rivers and lakes, and are all wild-caught in folding traps.

During the fishing season, the live, fresh crayfish are delivered to the producer, where they are boiled and peeled before being cleaned and frozen.

We offer a wide range of crayfish tails in brine. We can also supply frozen crayfish tails in blocks or as IQF.

We offer crayfish tails in brine in the following sizes:

  • 280ml/150g
  • 800ml/450g
  • 1500ml/900g
  • 2300ml/1500g
  • 11000ml/6000g
  • 11000ml/6500g
  • 16000ml/10000g