Norway lobster

At Chrisfish Danmark A/S, we are engaged in buying and selling quality fish and other seafood, both freshly-caught and frozen. Our customers are wholesale fish merchants, food service customers and supermarkets throughout Europe. We’re also known for the shrimp and other shellfish products in brine that we supply to markets across Denmark and Europe.

Nephrops norvegicus, or the Norway lobster, is also called scampi or langoustine and belongs to the malocastraca, the largest of the six classes of crustaceans. It can grow up to 24 cm long and is pale orange in colour. Around Denmark, the Norway lobster is found in the Kattegat, the Skagerrak, and the North Sea. As a dish, it has gradually overtaken the regular lobster in popularity, and many regards it as the most important shellfish in Europe commercially. At Chrisfish, Norway lobsters are a key product in our range.

Norway lobster tail – a delicate dish

The delicate meat of Norway lobster is a gastronomic delicacy that seduces the taste buds. While quite similar to that of the regular lobster it has a slightly finer texture, especially in the tail and claws. It is also regarded as a rich source of iodine, selenium, and zinc. 

Chrisfish can offer Norway lobsters just a few hours after they have been caught not far from our headquarters in Frederikshavn. Catches are landed alive and then carefully placed by hand into thermo boxes by our skilled staff.

For Chrisfish, quality assurance and the customer are key. We guarantee our customers scampi of the highest quality and do our utmost to ensure you have a positive experience when doing business with us.

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Norway lobster