One of the most noticeable physical characteristics of the sole is its small eyes, which are located close to each other on the right side of the body only. This odd quirk gives the fish a strange look, but more importantly, it helps the fish to spot sources of food, even when it is partially buried in the sand. The sole can thus hunt for food while being almost completely camouflaged. What’s even stranger is that in young sole, the eyes are placed on either side of the body, just like other flatfish. When the fish grows to around 1 cm, it transforms.

At Chrisfish, we have always known why the sole is so popular: this mild tasting fish really is a delicacy and is cherished by many chefs for its butter-sweet taste. It’s also easy to cut into fillets. The sole is found in the Northeast Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

We supply fresh and frozen sole

Chrisfish can supply both fresh sole fillets delivered in thermo boxes or frozen fillets if you prefer. We have been supplying high-quality fresh fish since 1962 and today we deliver to wholesale fish suppliers, food service customers and supermarkets across all of Europe.

Many of our products are IFS certified, which means that they comply with the highest standards set for the food industry in Europe. This enables us to sell our products to the largest supermarket chains on the European mainland.

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