The monkfish goes by many names, including goosefish and sea-devil. The latter name is mainly due to its ugly physical appearance, with a flattened body and abnormally large, wide mouth. At Chrisfish we supply monkfish both with and without the head, as fillets and cheeks and fresh as well as frozen.  

Despite its outward appearance, the monkfish is a surprisingly delicate, lean fish which, when cooked well, tastes exquisite. Monkfish meat is actually often compared to lobster tails, in both taste and consistency. With this fish, it really is a case of not judging something solely by its looks. At Chrisfish, we only supply monkfish of the very best quality.

Fresh and frozen monkfish fillets

When you order monkfish fillets from us, it’s up to you whether they should be fresh or frozen, as well as how you want them to be packaged (fresh fillets only) All our packaging options ensure the fish stays fresh for an optimal length of time. Our quality policy complies with the national legislation on the markets where our products are sold, including these countries’ environmental requirements. All our employees receive the necessary education and training.

Our quality management system is based on HACCP principles and has been updated and improved in line with internal feedback and industry developments. You are therefore assured optimal quality and freshness for all our products.

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