Fresh fish

When it comes to the look, texture, smell, and taste, you really can’t beat freshly caught fish. All these qualities can tell you a lot about the freshness of the fish. Fresh fish should smell of seawater and have clear, not sunken, eyes. The skin should be shiny and glistening; the gills should be red, not slimy; and the flesh of the fish should be firm and elastic. These signs are crucial for us to assess whether the fish truly is fresh. You can be assured that the fish delivered by Chrisfish will always live up to the above description.

At Chrisfish we offer a wide selection of newly landed, quality fish. We buy the fish at the Danish and Swedish auctions each morning delivered directly from the North Sea, Skagerrak, Kattegat, and the Baltic Sea. The professional expertise of our employees ensures that we can always supply the best raw materials at the best prices. Our employees use their expertise, eyes, hands and not least, their noses, to select the products we deliver to customers throughout all of Europe. This allows us to meet our quality-conscious customers’ requirements for the very freshest products.

Chrisfish Danmark A/S – fresh fish, from auction till delivery

As mentioned above, we always make sure that the fish bought by us is fresh. To ensure that our customers always receive fresh fish however, we have developed a highly efficient system for transport and logistics. This makes us a strong delivery partner. We have daily departures with arrivals five days a week, no matter where in Europe our customers are situated.

We can offer the following types of fresh fish: flatfish including Dover sole, flounder, plaice, lemon sole, turbot, brill and halibut; round fish such as cod, haddock, hake, ling, coalfish, pollack and weever; plus fish loins, fillets and tails of cod, coalfish and pollack. We also offer a range of freshwater fish, including pike perch, pike, perch, eel and wild salmon. Finally, we have a seafood favourite at Chrisfish, namely the Norway lobster, which you can always order from us both fresh and frozen.

Contact Chrisfish today by calling +45 96 20 21 00 (for fresh fish) or +45 96 20 21 01 (for products in brine). You can also write to us by email:

Fresh fish