Fish exporters

What should you consider when looking for a reliable fish exporter? At Chrisfish we believe that you should first check that the fish exporter can guarantee that all its product range is of the highest quality.

We are proud to use HACCP in our production, which is an internationally recognised management system for food safety. This enables us to identify, assess and manage risk factors. When the Danish food authorities inspect our production facilities, production processes and products we consistency score high, which is proof of how deeply we care about quality.

Chrisfish – a fish exporter with many years of experience

Chrisfish Danmark A/S was founded in 1962. Ever since, quality has always been paramount to us. Quality assurance is what guides us in our efforts to provide high quality products and exceptional taste experiences.

We use several certification schemes for our products. One of them is the IFS (International Food Standard) certification, which is a recognised international food standard. This ensures quality and food safety for retailers through resource management, corporate responsibility, personnel policy, production flow, laboratory analysis etc. As a reputable fish exporter, it is our duty to comply with this standard.

We are also MSC certified (Marine Stewardship Council), which is an independent labelling scheme for environmentally friendly and sustainable fisheries. You can see this certification clearly on our product packaging. A third certification specifically for farmed fish is the ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council). The ASC certification is given solely to fish farms that can show they run a sustainable business. This labelling can also be seen on our products and offers our manufacturers and consumers the opportunity to make a sustainable choice.

Contact Chrisfish today by calling +45 96 20 21 00 (for fresh fish) or +45 96 20 21 01 (for products in brine). You can also write to us by email:

Fish exporters