Prawns in brine

We have our own prawn processing plant, with the latest product equipment and storage facilities. Here, we produce a wide range of high-quality brine products, for example our popular prawns in brine. To always be able to supply the products requested by our customers, we are continually expanding our product capacity in order to meet the ever-growing demand.

When you buy seafood from Chrisfish, we give you the opportunity to customize your order exactly how you wish, from the packaging to the delivery terms. We can supply products for food service, wholesale, and retail, as well as private labels. At Chrisfish, we pride ourselves on being flexible and listening to the individual needs of the customer.

Prawns in brine – big and tasty

Our prawns in brine comply with all European food safety requirements. We keep up on any changes to legislation, so you are assured that the prawns you purchase from us meet all current requirements. We offer frozen cold-water prawns and hand peeled Chile prawns.

The taste and texture of these deep-sea prawns make them extraordinary. They taste of saltwater with a sweet twist, while their texture is firm yet juicy. Although they have been preserved in brine, they still manage to retain their fresh taste. A substantial amount of our prawns is caught using sustainable and environmentally friendly fishing methods. We are proud to have achieved MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certification for these products, which shows that they are wild-caught through sustainable fishing.

Contact Chrisfish today by calling +45 96 20 21 00 (for fresh fish) or +45 96 20 21 01 (for products in brine). You can also write to us by email:

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